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We are a shine-bright-like-a-diamond vegan food truck standing at the Albert Cuyp market, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Our focus is on the authentic and vegan aspect of Vietnamese cuisine.

Our Story

It begins when Ha, the truck’s owner, found out the heart-breaking issues behind the kitchen of many Vietnamese restaurants. Most places use chicken broth for their “veg option” noodle soup. Sometimes they even use the actual fish sauce for so-called “vegan” fish sauce.
Her anger combined with the love for cooking motivated her to start a fully vegan business offering Vietnamese food. She named the truck “Chay”, which means vegan and vegetarian in Vietnamese. There is a long story why this word has two meanings. If you are curious, come visit us to explore it!

Banh Mi is Our Pride

We bake the bread ourselves!
The best baguette for Banh Mi dish has to be extremely airy inside, but still has a perfect crunchy crust. The bread from supermarkets is an absolute no when coming to choose the right bread. Bakeries always have their best bread, but those are too dense for Banh Mi. We encountered several amazing baguettes from Turkish stores, but the texture is just not the right crunchiness we want. So, our last option happened to be baking them ourselves.
There are so many ups and downs along our learning journey to bake the best bread for Banh Mi. That’s why we brag about it all the time. There is no single customers got disappointed after trying our Banh Mi. You should try it too!

The Best Vegan Bubble Tea in the Netherlands?

We would not hesitate to take this claim.
Making the best vegan bubble tea was not as easy as it sounds. We do not want to just add random plant-based milk or fruit-flavored syrup into our tea and call it vegan bubble tea. We were extremely serious in researching, testing, failing, starting the whole process again to find the best recipes. Our milk teas have its unique creamy after-taste which you usually cannot find in other vegan options elsewhere.
We avoid using artificial flavors as much as possible. Our fruit tea is made with real lemongrass, citrus, and ginger. But why these three ingredients?
This is our way to emerge Vietnamese culture to the ongoing trend. Bubble tea is not originally from Vietnam. However, Vietnamese people do drink a lot of (bubble) tea. Two out of our favorite tea flavors are citrus lemongrass and ginger lemongrass.

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Wednesdays & Fridays
@ Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam

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Wed: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Fri: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm